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About Us

  Our mission for Patriots Landing is to honor all those who have served through programs that focus on helping veterans heal. It provides on-the-job skills training for veterans who need it the most – each according to his or her specific skills. We center on sharing the veteran’s stories and the healing power of faith to help inspire others in need. The sale of our veteran-crafted products is what keeps our doors open and our lights on for our veterans. 
  The Showroom at Patriots Landing is like no other! When you visit, you will immediately feel a sense of patriotism and will be immersed in a room full of Products With a Purpose. Visitors will without a doubt feel the pride and honor that goes into crafting each piece. Each item will be as unique as the veteran who made it, and as perfectly imperfect as the veterans we help heal. Every purchase will allow one more product to be made, and one more veteran to be helped, as 100% of the proceeds go directly back into our programs. During your visit, you can spend some time enjoying our military memorabilia displays and be able to view our woodshop and the veterans who are working in our shop or you can easily order any of our products online. 

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